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    AI-powered population and demographics for clearer insight.

    Understand who actually lives in an area, what their demographics are and what they are like with SilaCities' population understanding.

    SilaCities' AI-driven population & demographics: get the real pulse of a city.

    Tap into the power of Sila's AI to understand real population dynamics. Rely less on human answers and get an idea of who lives where with SilaCities' AI.

    Are you sick of waiting for population or demographic data, extrapolating out-of-date censuses or using assumptions derived decades ago? Don’t make assumptions, use Sila’s data.

    Understand a real population, from real data.

    With SilaCities you can use our data to:

    • Leverage mobile (GSM or GPS) data and other sources to understand a population;
    • Use advanced AI algorithms to understand a demographic;
    • Get our models to tell you about the demographics (including age, gender, nationality) accurately;
    • Use all three sets of information across a day or time to understand diurnal differences in behaviour.
    Sila's popualtion understanding algorithm.

    Get deeper insights that more accurately reflect a place.

    Using assumptions for population can only get you so far. Why not use real data to understand real people? 

    With SilaCities you can get historically-trended data to help with:

    • Get a snapshot of a total population and their behaviours;
    • Their demographics including ages, gender and nationalities;
    • Their movement patterns and employment links to better understand how they move.

    Full-spectrum population analysis.

    Bring reality to your project by better understanding existing and future populations and their complexities. Use SilaCities’ insights for:

    • Understanding an existing urban environment when assessing whether redevelopment is required;
    • Looking at population trends for new developments;
    • Conducting large-scale urban studies to understand current residents and predicting their future needs;
    •  Understanding community facility provision and adequacy; and many others.

    Sila's solutions drive some of the most forward thinking governments, developers & consultants:

    Get in touch to find out more about SilaCities.

    By providing real-time, location-specific sentiment and emotion data, Sila Cities empowers authorities and developers to monitor KPIs effectively, respond to issues promptly, and make informed decisions for the betterment of urban environments.

    SilaCities is the future of urban intelligence. 

    Its unique blend of advanced AI and geotagged data helps understand the urban landscape, enabling you to create spaces that truly resonate with the people they serve.

    Embrace the city of the future with SilaCities.

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