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      SilaCities' is part of Sila - a Dubai-based AI technology company that helps brands and governments understand the world better.
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    SilaCities: Cutting-Edge AI for Comprehensive Urban Insights

    Empowering Urban understanding with advanced AI technology

    Understanding urban dynamics. Perfectly enhanced with SilaCities.

    Empowering urban understanding with advanced AI

    SilaCities, part of Sila, leverages state-of-the-art AI, NLP, and Computer Vision technologies to provide deep insights into urban environments.

    Our platform integrates seamlessly with GIS systems, offering a comprehensive understanding of urban dynamics.

    SilaCities' technology. Not just data, true urban insights.

    Understanding urban dynamics. Perfectly enhanced with SilaCities.

    SilaCities is a unique AI urban intelligence platform that reveals how your city operates, evolves, and lives. Using our advanced AI and NLP technology, SilaCities offers the most accurate insights into urban environments globally. From an extensive data pool, SilaCities analyzes dialects and sentiment, natively. With SilaCities, nothing ever gets lost in translation.

    Sentiment, emotion, dialect – understood to perfection.

    How many times have you relied on urban data only to be disappointed with how traditional tools have handled it? We experienced the same frustration. That’s why we started building SilaCities in 2018.

    With our advanced AI and natural language processing models, we deliver accurate, automated insights that reflect the true dynamics of urban life, fast.

    The power of enrichment.

    SilaCities has over 120 million data points from 2018 onwards, and it grows daily, providing unparalleled insight into urban challenges.

    We constantly enhance our data universe. If our existing data doesn’t cover your needs, we enrich it promptly, ensuring you never wait for insight.

    With more data sources than most, and strengthened by AI (we support multiple languages), we provide the insights you need, fast.

    Understand your city better than anyone else.

    Track what matters to your urban environment. Here’s how SilaCities can support your projects:

    • Urban sentiment and social media monitoring
    • Competitive urban analysis
    • Sentiment and dialect understanding
    • Urban market research
    • Third-party data integration
    • And many more.

    Sila Use Cases

    SilaCities' data scientists and urban research professionals leverage AI to deliver real insights, fast. Access our customer portal to better understand and visualize urban data. We offer:
    Monitoring of urban dynamics and topics
    Monitoring of brands, categories and topics.
    Market and urban reports
    Customer experience analysis.
    Market and category reports.

    Get in touch with us and see how
    SilaCities can help you.

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