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      Get the insights you need on research, audiences, communicatons and digital from SilaCities' experts you can trust.
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      Read our latest reports and get the full picture on some of the biggest cultural movements and Sila's whitepapers on broad topics.
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      Who we work with

      SilaCities sits at the intersection of knowledge and technology. We work with a mix of governments, developers and consultants to unlock growth.
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      For consultants
      Combine SilaCities' AI technology with your consulting team to understand urban and regional environments better.
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      For government
      See how we can help government organlisations like yours to create smarter, more human plans.
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      For developers
      See how our AI-driven urban understanding solutions unlocked value for developers
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      About SilaCities

      Learn how SilaCities enables social understanding through our AI technology to drive better decision-making across government and business.
      About Us
      SilaCities' is part of Sila - a Dubai-based AI technology company that helps brands and governments understand the world better.
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      Our Technology
      Learn about our capbilities and what enables us to help your business decisions.
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      Looking for a career with some of the most exciting AI technology? Further your career with Sila (redirects to parent company)
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    SilaCities' team

    Our core team

    Get in touch to find out more about our capabilties:

    Paul Kelly

    CEO & Urban Planner

    Edin Zaim

    Principal Urban Analyst

    Diego Moreno

    Head of Data Science

    Faisal Khan

    VP strategy & insights

    Lina Kazamel

    Manager consumer intelligence

    Kanwal Aalijah

    Product and program manager

    Amani Kattan

    Research analyst

    Mark Valerio

    Data QA engineer

    Shaharyar Tariq

    Python developer & data scientist

    Nabil Otsmane

    Full stack developer

    Hadia Ramzan

    GIS fullstack developer

    Amad Siddiqui

    Fullstack python developer

    Waddah Ahmad

    Devops engineer

    Umer Abid

    Fullstack developer

    Abdul Rafay

    Python/ML Developer

    Mariam Shabbir


    Teatea Caprioli

    Business & operations director

    Joy San Buenaventura

    Office administrator
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