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      SilaCities' is part of Sila - a Dubai-based AI technology company that helps brands and governments understand the world better.
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    AI-powered housing and retail demand assessments.

    Leverage real data to see where and what people want to live in, and where they want to shop to make better development decisions.

    Leverage the power of Sila's AI to understand housing and retail demand in any market. 

    Coupled with our AI understanding sentiment and our parent companies’ focus on consumer understanding, we build a full picture of housing demand and, as a result, retail demand models.

    While lots of studies look only at supply, we focus on demand drivers both now, and in the future, with an unparalleld population and demographic understanding.

    The future of urban understanding is here with SilaCities’ AI.

    Unlocking more responsive development for the future needs of residents.

    Start planning and programming more responsive developments for your potential population with SilaCities’ assessments.

    Utilise the following facets for your studies:

    • Population and demographic projections;
    • Demand factors;
    • Supply factors;
    • Typologies demand;
    • Benchmarking (both local and global); and
    • many more.

    Like having a research team in your laptop.

    Do you use focus groups and market research to better understand your target demographic, along with the supply-side numbers?

    SilaCities is built on the premise of market research from our parent company, Sila

    This means you get not only quantitative assessments of demand numbers, but also the qualitative elements that help you make better briefs for your designers, economists and development team.

    Clear and sharp insights for your studies.

    No more getting lost in Excel. With SilaCities’ AI, we can get sharp, beautiful, insightful maps, tables and charts at the click of a button.

    While the methodology and data are scientific, we believe results should be able to be communicated to all levels of management.

    That’s why believe on creating accessible dashboards, report inputs and other data for presentations, while the methodology and data that sits behind is there for the technologists.

    Get in touch to see how SilaCities can help you.

    Ready to transform your understanding urban environments, both built and unbuilt?

    Get started with SilaCities housing and retail understanding. Our approach, driven by our proprietary AI, will open up new possibilities for your studies.

    Let SilaCities power your housing and retail strategies…use the form to find out how.

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