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    AI-driven consumer sentiment data.
    Understand the pulse of cities & regions.

    Unlock the pulse of perception with consumer sentiment data across global cities and regions for sharper insight.
    Unlocking deep urban and regional insights with SilaCities' Consumer Sentiment Index.

    Sila’s Consumer Sentiment Index, a service from SilaCities, pioneers the understanding of consumer sentiments and emotions across the world’s cities, regions and countries.

    Our unique AI capabilities are trained to not only interpret various Arabic dialects, providing comprehensive insights into consumer behaviour, but also every language on earth.

    Paired with demographic modelling and trend analysis, the Consumer Sentiment Index is reshaping the way businesses, governments, researchers, and economists understand and engage with residents.

    Harnessing data for informed decision-making

    The Consumer Sentiment Index leverages a vast array of data from social media, online reviews, and web content, extracting consumer sentiments, emotions, and perceptions.

    This innovative approach empowers decision-makers to develop strategies and policies that resonate with their target audience, with data presented either as charts or geospatially.

    The core difference is, unlike the Social Intelligence tool, the data here is pre-set and defined in an always-on subscription.

    The benefits of the Consumer Sentiment Index

    The Consumer Sentiment Index equips various stakeholders with actionable insights to make data-driven decisions based on people’s real feelings. You can use the CSI for:

    1. Policy Evaluation and Planning: Governments can assess the impact of their policies on different segments of the population, refining them based on actual impacts and public sentiment. Policymakers can use the Index’s insights to create policies that address the diverse needs of their constituents.
    2. Economic Analyses: Economists can use the Consumer Sentiment Index to understand economic and development trends and make forecasts. It provides valuable information about consumer confidence and purchasing behaviour, which are key indicators of economic health.
    3. Resident satisfaction: measure the satisfaction of residents across multiple touchpoints to gain insight into positive and negative elements of their daily lives.
    4. Research and Academic Studies: Monitor consumer sentiments and emotions for studies on consumer behaviour, societal trends, and economic analysis. The Index provides researchers with a valuable tool for exploring various sociological and economic phenomena.

    Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    The Consumer Sentiment Index also provides valuable data and insights for monitoring various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

    Track public sentiment towards your policies and actions, measuring positive uplifts and negative downturns to better understand the perception and implementation of new initiatives.

    Analyze sentiment data to anticipate demand for certain types of products or services, and guide your reputation management efforts.

    To talk to us about SilaCities' Consumer Sentiment Index, fill in the form below.

    Stay ahead of the curve in the MENA region with SilaCities’ Consumer Sentiment Index.

    Request a demo and pricing today and start uncovering the trends that drive consumer behavior in your market.

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