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      SilaCities sits at the intersection of knowledge and technology. We work with a mix of governments, developers and consultants to unlock growth.
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      Learn how SilaCities enables social understanding through our AI technology to drive better decision-making across government and business.
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      SilaCities' is part of Sila - a Dubai-based AI technology company that helps brands and governments understand the world better.
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    Experience the future of AI-driven urban insights.

    Get in touch with us and experience the depth of SilaCities’ urban solutions including:

    • Revolutionary platform for understanding complex urban environments;
    • Deep understanding of populations and sentiments’
    • AI-driven spatial analysis.

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    Why choose SilaCities?

    • Advanced AI and NLP: Utilize sophisticated AI and NLP models to process vast amounts of data, delivering accurate and actionable insights into urban issues, population dynamics, and social sentiment.
    • Comprehensive Data Integration: Our platform integrates data from diverse sources, including social media, open data, and third-party datasets, to create a holistic view of the urban landscape.
    • Population and Demographic Analysis: Gain detailed insights into population distribution and demographic trends.
    • AI-Driven Urban Solutions: Address complex urban challenges with AI-driven solutions.
    • GIS Integration: Visualize and analyze data spatially with our advanced GIS integration.

    “SilaCities’ approach to data has been a breath of fresh air – instead of assumptions we can move ahead now with clarity of not only real people and their behaviours, but also what they think and feel about where they live.”

    Sila consulting customer.

    As seen in:

    SilaCities' advanced features at a glance

    • Real-Time Analytics: Stay ahead of urban dynamics with real-time data analysis.
    • Intuitive Dashboards: Simplify complex data with a streamlined interface.
    • Deep Dialect Analysis: Ensure no sentiment is overlooked with a granular understanding of diverse languages.
    • Tailored Recommendations: Transform raw data into strategic actions.

    Trusted by tech-forward planners, consultants, demographers and urbanists at: